Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you're in the Boston area, may I suggest the following afternoon readings:

on Sunday, at 2PM, J. Robert Lennon is reading at Newtonville Books. John is a fantastic writer, with as varied a bibliography as you can imagine. Here is a review by Andrew Sean Greer that should convince you. Sadly, I can't go.

(Which brings me to this question: why does everyone harp on how, "Hopefully, I can go," is an incorrect use of a modifying adverb, but nobody cares about "sadly" used the same way? Or maybe they do. Maybe it's only my mother who so hates hopefully.)

Then: the wonderful and inspiring poet Gail Mazur is reading Monday at 3:30 at the Radcliffe Gym, in the Radcliffe Yard, in Harvard Square. You can hear her read a poem here.

And: I am reading at 4PM on Wednesday the 8th at UMass Boston, in the Harbor Gallery, which is in the McCormack Building.


Trip said...


Thanks so much for coming to read yesterday! I greatly enjoyed your new story and your advice was helpful. I went home and ironed out the story I was working on after the reading, keeping in mind some of what you said. It definitely helped.

Aside from that, you were very gracious and kind to stay and answer people's questions and sign books. You would be welcome again at UMass: Boston any time.

-Timothy Griffiths

Elizabeth McCracken said...

Hey, Tim--

My pleasure--I really had a great time.

I'm still thinking about how to condense characters....

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