Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connecticut, anyone?

Next Tuesday I'm talking at the Town Hall Auditorium in West Hartford, for National Library Week.

Lots of library humor!

(As with most readings/talks, I'm terrified that no-one will show up.)


susanstinson said...

It's moments like this that make me long for a car.

Mostly, I'm so happy with my trike. But I'd love to hear you (and also see you). And can't think of a way to get there.

Laura C. said...

Can't make it to Hartford, but I love that line in your book, "if five people can be said to disperse."

For poetry readings, five is optimistic...

Elizabeth McCracken said...

Susan--you should trike there! It will be like that David Lynch tractor movie, only you, and a trike, and no funeral.

Thank you for the thought anyhow.

Laura: before that reading took on extra resonance, it was memorable to me as being the worst audience I've ever had--not the smallest, but both small and contentious.