Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday, we ended up going to look at the ocean at Marblehead. There were a couple of teenage boys tossing around a frisbee. Gus had part of a strawberry smoothie--we thought about introducing him to an egg cream or a lime rickey, but thought they might be a bit sophisticated for a 2-year-old palate. (Or I did. Edward, being English, doesn't know from egg creams and lime rickeys.)

It was a nice day. And I think that's not a bad tradition, a nice day, though I thought we should have an actual activity of some kind. Someone who'd lost a child told me that she and her children release balloons on the anniversary of their lost child's death, and I though that sounded great--sort of joyful and melancholy, something that kids would like. And then I thought, but what if Gus and Matilda become highly concerned with litter? What if they're super green? And one or the other says, in a few years time, that we CAN'T release balloons because it's bad for the environment? That would break my heart.

My friend Lib points out that the world needs a biodegradable helium-fillable balloon. Get on it, entrepreneuers!

UPDATE (seconds later): I guess latex balloons ARE biodegradable. I found this out at balloonhq.com. The important thing is to leave them "tailless"--even biodegradable string can be hazardous for wildlife.


Paul Lisicky said...

Sweetheart, I'm so glad you had that nice day at the beach. I love you to pieces.

Personally, I can just see Gus taking to the egg cream. (For some reason I'm inclined to call it THE egg cream, as if to imbue it with the old-time elegance it deserves.)

But the lime rickey? I know I've had one or two in my life, but what exactly is a lime rickey?

Thanks, by the way, for the tip about balloons. Is it Mylar that's the problem? In the winter, you can see them all over the beach at Fire Island, caught and strung up with seaweed. I've imagined they've come from very far away.

P. xxx

Elizabeth McCracken said...

I think a lime rickey is sparkling limeade, basically. Very New England. Maybe even mostly southern New England, particularly the raspberry lime rickey version. And old fashioned like The Egg Cream, though not as old fashioned as a green river.

It seems strange that you and I have never had The Egg Cream or a raspberry lime rickey.

Yeah--mylar doesn't degrade, and neither do ribbons, and even string can wrap around power lines or around animals. You need to release latex balloons into the wild as naked as the day they were born.