Sunday, May 10, 2009

The DE is off to China for two weeks tomorrow, and I will be home alone with two kids...well, for 24 hours, until my friend Wendy arrives for six nights. Then we're alone, and then my friend Patti comes. I have reserves.

Still, I find myself wondering what Gus, age 2, will make of his beloved father's absence. Edward was gone for five nights in February, and...I just didn't mention that Edward was gone, didn't say the word Daddy, and everything was fine. Honestly. But that's clearly not going to work this time, and I'm wondering what to do. Someone told me pictures would help, so I have pictures. Also I accidentally bought 80 dollars worth of toys, just in case we felt we needed some toys. You know, we might suddenly need a toddler-friendly fire truck.

Today we were in an elevator at Whole Foods. Gus pressed the button for the correct floor. Then he demanded to push the enticing red button with a fireman's hat. "No," I was about to say, "that calls the firemen." Then I realized this would not be a convincing reason NOT to press a button to a two-year-old. A button! that makes a noise! and attracts firemen! What could be better?

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heathers243 said...

I had to laugh at your fireman-button story. A few months ago we had a small fire in our home, and it was the greatest day of my son's life. Three fire trucks (one with a ladder!), a police car, and firemen everywhere. Toddler nirvana!