Friday, May 15, 2009

The Shambles, a museum of Victorian life in Gloucester, England, is auctioning off its contents next week. You can see the catalog here:

How I would love to be there. Here are a few sentences of poetry from the list of lots:
A small collection of glass eyes and a black eye patch

A human skeleton contained in a box labelled Millikin & Lawley

A glass dome on an octagonal stand, 34cm (13.5") high, a pine cone mounted on a mahogany shield and a wall mounted glazed case containing a goldfinch, damaged

A quantity of glass eyes, various sizes

The remaining contents of the Undertaker's

Nutto, a performing monkey in a cage

Two pairs of children's clogs and a pair of boots


angie said...

I love this image. Working on a poem set in the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. Have you ever been there? Thousands of "Objects Found in People's Throats." Victorians are so creepy.

Anonymous said...

A quantity of glass eyes, various sizes! Plus, eye patch. It's so good.

Elizabeth McCracken said...

Angie--I love the Mutter, and most particularly those drawers of throat objects--tiny lead toys, a "bolus of beef." & I'd love to read that poem.

Susan--any mention of glass eyes interests me. The lot with the eyepatch was from the part of the museum called "The Surgeon's Office." The various-sized eyes were from the taxidermist.

5 Red Pandas said...

I liked the idea of eye patches until I had to wear one for a while. These items do sound very interesting though.

I think you might appreciate this. The library of the Conjuring Arts is hiring someone to do some digitizing. I was just glad to learn that there is a library of the conjuring arts, but sadly I'm not qualified for the job.